BPO Services - Non voice Process

  • Data Entry
  • Data Conversion
  • Image to Doc Conversion
  • Form Filling
  • Medical Coding
  • Dental Entry
  • Customer Support Services
  • Technical Support
  • Accounts & Finance Services
  • Human Resources Services
  • Order Management
  • Document Management
  • Back Office Functions
  • Invoice Factoring Support
  • Underwriting Process
  • E-Com Support Services
  • Infrastructure management

Data Management Services

Data Processing

Data processing technicians operate computers and other communications equipment and may perform data entry work as part of a larger data processing system. Data processing technician may also be responsible for performing quality control checks, identifying job problems, and ensuring that job orders are completed according to schedule. Spicy Cloud had keen sight to improve Data Processing Technicians. The work should be continued as mention below data processing like Validation, Sorting, Summarization, Aggregation, Analysis, Reporting and Classification.

Data Mining

Data mining involves few common classes of tasks in Anomaly Detection (outlier/change/deviation detection), Association rule learning (dependency modelling), Clustering, Classification & Summarization. Thus Spicy Cloud engaged in Data mining process.

Data Cleaning

High-quality data needs to pass a set of quality criteria. Those include:
High-quality data needs to pass a set of quality criteria. Spicy Cloud follows few strategies to improve various Data Cleaning Process. Those include Validity(When modern database technology is used to design data-capture systems, validity is fairly easy to ensure: invalid data arises mainly in legacy contexts (where constraints were not implemented in software), Accuracy (Accuracy has been achieved in some cleansing contexts, notably customer contact data, by using external databases that match up zip codes to geographical locations (city and state), and also help verify that street addresses within these zip codes actually exist), Completeness (Incompleteness is almost impossible to fix with data cleansing methodology: one cannot infer facts that were not captured when the data in question was initially recorded. Consistency ((In some contexts, e.g., interview data, it may be possible to fix incompleteness by going back to the original source of data, The requirements for varieties of strategies are deciding or simply find out the truth.) & Uniformity (The degree to which a set data measures are specified using the same units of measure in all systems (see also Unit of measure)

Data Verification and Extraction

Spicy Cloud can adopt to any quality check parameters like 100% quality checks or Random sampling or periodic QA audits. During the process of verification, Extraction can also be performed. Data Verification and Extraction services includes research on New markets and growth opportunities, Market trends, Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Research on the new products, pricing, Research report writing etc

Data Conversion

Spicy Cloud had involved in changing data conversion from one physical environment format to another. Hardware and software platforms that host this data aren’t always the same and, as such, pieces of data from one physical environment will not necessarily be compatible with the new environment. Few types of file data conversions for references are Presentation, Audio, E-Book etc

Image Process

Image Scanning - Image Conversion to Document
Few types of file data conversions for references

  • Archive (Such as RAR to ZIP, or 7Z to TAR)
  • Document (Such as DOCX to Doc, or TXT to RTF)
  • Presentation (Such as PPTX to PPT, or ODP to SWF)
  • E-Book (Such as MOBI to TXT, or PRC to EPUB)
  • Image (Such as BMP to GIF, or PNG to JPG)
  • Audio (Such as MP3 to M4A, or AAC to WAV)
  • Video (Such as AVI to MP4, or MPEG to 3GP)
  • Database (Such as NSF to PST)
  • Other (Such as EPS to GIF, or PSD to JPG)